Stanford One Of 3 Bay Area Schools In Espn Basketball Marathon

When at their finest, the Rams can create 10-plus point runs in the second halves of games, typically supplying the breathing room needed to finish teams off.

Tonight, the Rams (13-3, 0-1 MWC) host in-state rival Flying force (9-5, 1-1 MWC), who's coming off their own tough overtime loss to UNLV on Saturday.

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The story: The Terriers (from Spartanburg, S.C.) almost upset Wisconsin in their very first NCAA Tournament appearance last season, and a number of those gamers are back. Dahlman averages 20 points, and his teammates are exceptional three-point shooters.

Even if the players wearing scarlet and black this weekend might take revenge on their previous coach, it isn't the most essential this weekend. After all, Hoke will not be tossing on pads and strapping on a helmet.

Parcell validated that he was gone to Sugar Land to sign up with the group on Sunday night via his a fantastic read Twitter account and the story was reported by the Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise at its site on Sunday.

Story: Musketeers have been an excellent postseason team, winning a minimum of 2 NCAA games each of the previous 3 years. They have played well recently too. Strong in the backcourt with a 7-footer (Kenny Frease) in the middle.

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